​The One Plan 4 One Planet platform supports The Forum, monitored by

experts in the centralized themes of the SDGs. Post a question in the

Forum and get a customized answer that enables users to get on with 

creating their enterprise when encountering bumps in the road. It is also

invaluable toward getting more people involved as a complement to ​other

online resource about the SDGs. Getting Global Goals experts involved

in sharing a wealth of knowledge to mobilize global citizens in accelerating

the SDGs. The Forum also constitutes an valuable resource for the

One Plan 4 One Planet Empowering Problem Solvers Training Model

for beneficiaries to understand more thoroughly the root problems of the

​Global Goals. It is also an invaluable resource for our Learning Facilitator

and in fact teachers around the globe wanting to delve in deeper to the

​issues around the SDGs.

The One Plan 4 One Planet

Empowering Problem Solvers


The virtual platform closes the collaboration

gap between global citizens and global causes.

With its databases,calls to action and support

for co-creating solutions to the SDGs, the 

virtual platform is created as a third-generation

social media platform for problem solving and

advocacy. It supports severalconvergence

points between crowd-sourcing and petition-

signing to identify solutions forged through

entrepreneurship.It motivates a cross-pollination

and interchange of knowledge, opportunities 

and ideas. It connects interests and geography, 

and brings attention to the SDGs and the 

solutions being crafted to accelerate them. 

It bridges the gap between Trench Warriors 

and global citizens wanting to become 

engaged in finding solutions to the Global

Goals they bring to life. 

The One Plan 4 One Planet

Empowering Problem Solvers



The Global Goals are intrinsically linked, and

achieving them will lead to a healthier, more

peaceful and prosperous world for everyone.

For this reason, the SDGs are everyone's

business, and every person can play a role

in contributing toward securing the future

success of societies around the globe. ​By

unlocking human potential for innovation

and creativity leading to entrepreneurship,

One Plan 4 One Planet strives to also 

unlock the ‘economic prize’ associated with

pursuing the Global Goals - the sustainable

business models estimated at contributing 

more than US$12 trillion per year and up to

380 million jobs by 2030 to economies

around the world.  

     One Plan 4 One Planet Aims to  

EntreComp is Europe's framework

for acquiring competences for

success in entrepreneurship. Learn

​more at www.EntreCompEd.eu

*  Real-world inquiry-based learning

complements EntreComp for a total

learning experience in problem solving

* A growth mindset is an important

requirement for achieving success as

an entrepreneur and for becoming an

effective problem solver

* An open badge platform serves as

a common system for the issuance,

collection and display of ebadges 

earned upon completion of the

training modules.

Learn about the

four components

of ​the model. 

SDG "taxonomies" - or classifications - bridge the gap between the

targets and tangible investment opportunities for a range of global citizens,

business and institutions.Centralized themes are also categorized as

"collections" that enable users to discover ideas for new markets and

niches of the SDG, opportunities for collaboration and related investment

opportunities. Users tap into a variable supply of innovative and ground-

breaking ideas to solve the major challenges facing humankind. Projects

are geolocated tagged in clusters.by taxonomy; users will be able to search

the databases for other users, SDG, specialty or focus, entrepreneurial

venture, and geography.

​​​One Plan 4 One Planet is the first

"ideas accelerator" for global 

cooperation by powering up

online tools to bring networking 

for collaboration to a new level.
It supports a sharing platform

where users can submit their

ideas for accelerating the SDGs

into real-world projects. We are

on a mission to make global 

cooperation accessible for


Communities of Practice for project

partners,faculty and sector professionals 

involved in the EMPOWERING PROBLEM SOLVER Resource Nodes

support networking ​​and

sharing of resources.

Click here to learn more​C

Due to the fact that a large segment of our partners come from higher

education, we place high emphasis on publishing in academic literature,

especially regarding the outcomes of  the various components of the

project. Learning disseminates information about our successes far

and wide, but especially to policymakers and public bodies, which are

ultimately responsible for outcomes that effect their area’s economic

growth and the wellness of the communities they represent. The

Communication and Dissemination component of the project  supports

a process of informing stakeholders, including policymakers, to

contribute to public discourse around the issues around the SDGs.

Dissemination of One Plan 4 One Planet’s success to these stakeholders

enhances the ability of local communities to better address the community

potential and needs by increasing their knowledge of entrepreneurship

activation in a community context. Learning from the project’s activities,

outcomes and success can help to develop a common vision on how to

accelerate the Global Goals.  

We intend to use data from the resource nodes to inform policymakers of

both the impact the Global Goals have on their community and also of the

project's aims at serving the community by accelerating the SDGs through

training for entrepreneurship that leads to myriad benefits to society.These

are the messages we aim to deliver to policymakers by informing them of

One Plan 4 One Planet successes. We recognize this as an effective form

of advocacy, as policymakers are ultimately responsible for laws and

regulations that govern the issues surrounding the Global Goals. Extreme

caution, however, is guaranteed to avoid any activity that might be

considered lobbying.

                               The people behind 

                               One Plan 4 One Planet

                               represent institutions of

                               higher education and

                               training, nonprofits, 

                               economic development

                               initiatives and others,

                               coming together as a

                               coalition of big thinkers

                               and doers. 

Our reward? A guarantee that our work

will change the world forever.

We have seen the proposed model work in

a variety of learning environments to help

individuals acquire entrepreneurial skills that

can be applied to problem solving. We

embrace the European Commission's

definition of entrepreneurship and the aims

of the EntreComp framework: "Having the

ability and acquiring competences that can

transform ideas and opportunities into products

and services of value to society." This means

that entrepreneurship should not be viewed

solely from the perspective of starting a

business to sell goods and services. 

Entrepreneurship leads to myriad benefits on

a global scale, such as economic growth, job

creation andincreased societal resilience, as

well as sustaining communities, promoting

social equity and reversing environmental

degradation towards the well-being of planet

Earth and all its inhabitants.It also supports

individual growth, increased engagement in

school and n;on-formal learning environments,

and improved equality, as well as giving

marginalized individuals and those from 

disadvantaged communities and living under

adverse social conditions the skills to pursue

entrepreneurship in all its dimensions to

create a better life for themselves while

improving their community. Thus, our target

group consists of:

The first global network for

connecting stakeholders

in projects ​addressing the

Global Goals aimed at

creating opportunities

for collaboration.

A world in which any

person can acquire the

entrepreneurial skills

needed to be alert and

responsive to change

and capable of designing

and/or implementing new

solutions to complex


Despite stakeholders coming together

over eons to solve the challenges

articulated by the SDGs,  poverty

persists, education systems remain

broken, natural resources continue

being depleted and peace on Earth

remains but a dream for all humans,

on the only place every man, woman

and child calls home.

     One Plan 4 One Planet

offers a roadmap for ​accelerating the SDGs, also known as the Global Goals,

consisting of entrepreneurship, collaboration and dialogue, including a concerted,

concentrated effort of putting a human face on the SDGs.

Anyone of any age or place in life, 

yearning to change the status quo 

and overcome barriers that improve 

living conditions for all, on the only 
place everyone on earth calls home.


- AFR:  Africa
- ASI:   Asia
​- AUS:  Australia/New Zealand
- CAm: Central America
- EUR:  Europe
- MEA:  Middle East
- NAm: North America
- PAC:  Pacific/Oceania/

  Island Nations
- SAm: South America​
​- MIS:  Others/Antarctica/


Identifies Trench
Warriors by 

Learn more about

​​​One Plan 4 One Planet 




One Plan 4 One Planet

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One Plan 4 One Planet Roadmap

Matches interests

in locations of the 

Trench Warriors 

and geolocated b

by global clusters


Our Greatest Resources

For Accelerating the SDGs

A crucial component of the

project works toward putting 

a human face on the Global

Goals. Storytelling frames 

needs in powerful messages

to connect us, engage us and 

bring to life the various

challenges we are collectively 

attempting to solve. It is also

the path toward sharing stories 

far and wide through the most

popular online social media

platforms and communities -

both working on the ground

and in the cloud - that engender 

a sharing culture of collaboration,

and the popular ​​media ​as well. 




​​Telecollaboration supports people-to-peopleinteractions to share

experiences, find collaborators and dialogue around issues. A virtual

content-sharing platform gains exposure to beneficiaries, ideas and

solutions addressing the SDGs. Virtual exchanges among beneficiary

trainees create an interactive setting through videoconferencing; this 

engages a global audience in lively discussion about the innovation

taking place around the world with the creation of newentrepreneurial 

enterprises. We link the One Plan 4 One Planet EMPOWERING

PROBLEM SOLVERS Resource Nodes to engender a spirit of

camraderie and collaboration! Our tools include the most​ up-to-date

technology in videoconferencing.

Matches interests
in specific
and centralized

By educating entrepreneurial leaders who

guide others in creating great economic

and social value, we put forth the power of

entrepreneurship as a force for economic

and social value creation in the hands of


Matches interests
in identifying

opportunities ​for

women and


The message is clear - inaction will not save the planet. But, as we have

witnessed with decades of fundraising and advocacy campaigns, neither

does signing a petition and sending in money to support a cause.

Putting a Human Face 

​on the Global Goals

Mobilizing People -

The World's Greatest Resource to Accelerate

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

​​By empowering problem solvers through

entrepreneurship education, we aim to

reap societal benefits,  particularly for

those most impacted by the issues

surrounding the SDGs. We refer to these

individuals as our "trench warriors". By

combining entrepreneurship training with

inquiry-based real world learning,trench

warriors are prepared for combating

SDG-​​related issues that affect them

the most.

One Plan 4 One Planet focuses on entrepreneurship for social impact and innovation.

With most of our centralized themes felt most acutely by people who have been

historically marginalized, telling their stories is key to eliciting empathy towards 

bringing people together in collaboration. 

Empower Global Problem Solvers

One Plan 4 One Planet is rolled

out in three phases involving the 

design, development and deploy-


prototypes that focus on program

delivery to diverse beneficiaries,

most of whom will be directly affected 

by the SDGs, or concentrated on topics

related to the Global Goals.

Combines proven learning

strategies for


education, collaborative 

inquiry-based learning

for the real world and

acquiring a growth mindset. 

Learn how to become entrepreneurial - transforming ideas and opportunities into products and services of value to others at



One Plan 4 One Planet ushers in a new 

culture for collaboration. The project's

keystone is a virtual platform that closes

the collaboration gap. It matches people

with ideas and opportunities to create 

products and services that address the 

challenges facing humankind with people

willing to lend time, talents and treasured

resources to support them. Thus, the

platform ushers in a new culture of

collaboration that prompts co-creation 

of solutions to the Global Goals.​

Getting on the Agenda

for Meeting the 

Global Goals

by 2030!

Problem Solvers
With Other
Problem Solvers

One Plan 4 One Planet:
Where Problem Solvers come 
to grow in network, create their
entrepreneurial ventures, share
their experiences and visions,
and find like-minded collaborators
to co-create solutions to the
SDGs - the Global Goals 


Resource Nodes are home to our

Communities of Practice established

for partners undertaking training

programming. They are linked

virtually so that our partners can share information, experiences and resources. This will prove to

be an invaluable resource for teachers anywhere at any level of instruction, regardless of whether they are associated with a Resource Node or even with the project, as there are currently no communities of practice specifically 

created for the Global Goals. ​​

A tri-focal

lens to view

the tasks of


the United Nations


Development Goals  

     " The SDGs"


The One Plan 4 One Planet

Empowering Problem Solvers


​Click here for a description of the

three phases as well as a sampling

of possible focused Resource Nodes

located within the geolocation ​clusters

identified for collaborations.



Communities of Practice
for the SDGs -

 Making Connections 
Across ​The Globe

The virtual platform closes the

collaboration gap between global

citizens and global causes. With its

databases, calls to action and support

for co-creating solutions to the SDGs,

the virtual platform is created as 

third-generation social media platform 

for problem solving and advocacy. 

We are looking for people who

are ready to share our vision: ​​