Today's petition-gathering sites don’t really engage in problem solving. 
They relegate global citizens to the sidelines, watching, waiting and hoping
the group behind the organization hosting the site can make a difference in
a cause that is important to them. The virtual platform with its databases,
calls to action and support for co-creating solutions to the SDGs closes
the gap between global citizens and global goals. It creates a third-generation 
social media platform for problem solving and advocacy. It supports 
convergence points between crowd-sourcing and petition-signing to 
identify solutions forged through entrepreneurship.  It supports a cross-
pollination and interchange of knowledge, opportunities and ideas.It 
connects interests and geography, and brings attention to the SDGs 
and the solutions being crafted to accelerate them. It bridges the gap 
between Trench Warriors and global citizens wanting to become engaged 
in finding solutions to the SDGs being brought ​to life by their human faces.

The virtual platform closes the collaboration gap between global citizens

and global causes. With its databases,calls to action and support for

co-creating solutions to the SDGs, the virtual platform is created as a 

third-generation social media platform for problem solving and

advocacy. It supports severalconvergence points between crowd-

sourcing and petition-signing to identify solutions forged through

entrepreneurship.It supports a cross-pollination and interchange of 

knowledge, opportunities and ideas. It connects interests and geography, 

and brings attention to the SDGs and the solutions being crafted to

accelerate them. It bridges the gap between Trench Warriors and global 

citizens wanting to become engaged in finding solutions to the Global

Goals they bring to life. 

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The message is clear - Inaction Won't Save the Planet​​


But, as we have witnessed with decades of fundraising and advocacy 
campaigns, neither will signing a petition nor sending in money to 
support a cause.

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​​One Plan 4 One Planet is the first "ideas accelerator" for global 

cooperation in accelerating the global goals by powering up online

tools to bring networking for collaboration to a new level. It supports

a sharing platform where funders can post their projects as an RFP

and users can submit their ideas for accelerating the SDGs into

real-world projects. We are on a mission to make global cooperation

accessible for everyone.

The following is an example of a call for proposals categorized under

the topic of sustainable tourism that falls within the global goals

SDG 8, 9, 12, 14 and 17:

Identifies Trench
Warriors by 

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Contactthe  webmaster

- Search by funder, topics or SDG

- Summary of the call with the deadline and link to the call for further details

and application guidelines

The platform also features.....

* a CALL PUBLISHING tool, where donors can post new calls and RFPs

* an IDEA PUBLICATIONspace where users can propose their ideas

   for new projects

* a PARTNER SEARCH to look for partners by keywords, geography

   or text

One Plan 4 One Planet ushers in a new culture

for collaboration. The project's keystone is a 

virtual platform that closes the collaboration gap.

It matches people with ideas and opportunities

to create products and services that address the 

challenges facing humankind with people willing

to lend time, talents and treasured resources to 

support them. Thus, the platform ushers in a new

culture of collaboration that prompts co-creation of

solutions to the Global Goals.​

Connecting Problem Solvers For

Collaboration ​And To Co-Create SDG Solutions

The virtual platform closes the collaboration gap between global citizens and 

global causes.